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mikedurcan Must take a few more cuttings from my roses today. Took some a few weeks ago and they've taken, Yippee! Not much up… https://t.co/TNe2q5Og3R
mikedurcan RT @mikedurcan: NOT 'in case you missed it' OR 'recent tweet from' but a simple straightforward tweet of some plants from seed in the front…
mikedurcan NOT 'in case you missed it' OR 'recent tweet from' but a simple straightforward tweet of some plants from seed in t… https://t.co/5FtIS8xlPn
mikedurcan Shadows and Light, playing in the #Garden. Always delights. https://t.co/HYBce8wh4h
mikedurcan If you build it, they will come. One of my favourite #birdhouses, inspired by the movie '#TheQuietMan'… https://t.co/zSKXjQC892


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Welcome To Birdhouse Follies

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Birdhouses by ‘birdhouse follies’ are an original and unique gift for friends and family.

Individually designed and handcrafted bird houses to enhance your home and garden.

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