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mikedurcan RT @payinmydues2u: We had a lovely sunset last night here in Virginia. Today is a beautiful day as well and I hope you are all having a fa…
mikedurcan A little shade in the Peak District https://t.co/HtMDELaDry
mikedurcan Robins singing his head off about my new phone. Says he loves it and keeps posing. But I've told him to cool it, I'… https://t.co/rjUlV3lS8n
mikedurcan Driving to Sheffield through the Peak District. #Summertime in #England https://t.co/KnxrSkFTRd
mikedurcan Cor blimey! It's hot out there, especially when you're digging in the garden. Never mind, I'll sleep tonight. https://t.co/Teea8fBUQU


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Welcome To Birdhouse Follies

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  • Beth and Simon's Place in Buxton.jpg
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  • Prototype Cottage Birdhouse.jpg
  • Robins Birdhouse.jpg
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  • Robins Third Birdhouse.jpg
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  • Up House Birdhouse.jpg
  • Western Hotel Birdhouse.jpg
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  • Witchy Wood Birdhouse.jpg
  • Ye Olde Shoppe Birdhouse.jpg

Birdhouses by ‘birdhouse follies’ are an original and unique gift for friends and family.

Individually designed and handcrafted bird houses to enhance your home and garden.

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