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Cosy Birdhouse BHF0104

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Each birdhouse is a one-off design. It is original, unique and as green as possible. Each house is built using structurally sound designs that have been developed over a number of years.

They are assembled with exterior glue, nails and screws. Some pieces have been sealed with special formulations designed to preserve and enhance the natural characteristics of the wood, while others retain their original qualities.

Subtle amounts of acrylic coloration may have been applied to different elements of each birdhouse design. They are constructed and finished using many recycled natural materials in an effort to be as green as possible.

Every birdhouse develops organically over several months and after many different treatments. Much care and consideration is given to the materials used and the individual and unique design elements of each house, to create a valued high quality product. Careful hand-distressing and finishing treatments are achieved through each stage of the design process.